Our rusks (toasts) are made in the traditional Ukrainian sunflower oil of the highest grade without adding palm or rapeseed oil. But we do not limit ourselves in creating quality products.
For example, according to an individual order, we can make rusks (toasts) in olive oil.

Bread has a porous structure and in the process of preparation, as a sponge, it absorbs a lot of  oil. The degreasing technology gives our consumers the opportunity to enjoy a sunflower oil-based rusk (toast), not a “toast in oil”. It is important for us that the consumer acquires not only a delicious and aesthetically appealing product, but also a delicious meal containing a balanced amount of sunflower oil.

Here’s how our product looks

Грінка-сухарик «Знак долару»

Rusk (toast) “Dollar sign”


Rusk (toast) “Crescent

Грінка-сухарик «Хвиля»

Rusk (toast) “Wave

All forms of rusks (toasts) are patented!
In the process of making the rusks, they can take other unforeseen forms, but this makes our product even more attractive.