Special offer

We offer our product as weigh.
The box has a net weight of 0.900 kg (-4.5%),
gross weight – 1,260 kg



Each box contains twelve portions, which are placed in two levels. On one level, there are 6 portions. One portion is 75 grams, so you can sell products either in weight or portions!

One portion consists of 7-12 rusks (toasts) The number depends on the size of the bread which the product is fried from.




Internet sales
Prices and assortment

Item Unit Weight of one unit, kg Price for 1 box, UAH
1 Rusks (toasts) with salt box 0,900 110,00
2 Rusks (toasts) with garlic box 0,900 110,00
3 Rusks (toasts) with wasabi box 0,900 110,00
4 Rusks (toasts) with horseradish box 0,900 110,00
5 Rusks (toasts) with paprika box 0,900 110,00
6 Rusks (toasts) with cheese flavour box 0,900 110,00
7 Rusks (toasts) with bacon  flavour box 0,900 110,00


Price without delivery.

– cash on delivery
– individual arrangement

Contacts for online purchases:
098-864-39-68; 095-216-82-71





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