Our product

TM “MEGA SUHARIK” is a product made from rye bread and fried in sunflower oil with the addition of natural seasonings or natural flavors.

The product is made manually with the use of patented production technology which means a patented process cycle and the equipment by which our toasts are made.

The principle for our company is the production of natural products without the addition of flavor enhancers and preservatives!


Have a nice bite!
Our toasts contain only 226 kcal per 100 g of products and in one serving (75 g) will be 169.5 kcal so your snack will be delicious and without harm to the body shape!

Our product line:

Toasts-crackers are a favorite food for children so while designing and producing the product line, the field of food safety is a matter of principle for us! Such ingredients as “Salt”, “Garlic”, “Horseradish”, “Paprika”, “Wasabi” are natural! They are delivered to the factory in a dry grounded form. “Bacon” and “Cheese” consist of natural aromatic ingredients that are safe for the health of children and adults.

The culinary preferences of the consumers of our toasts can be varied, so we produce so-called “blank forms”. These are fat free toasts without adding seasonings. And you can add your own unique taste to “MEGA SUHARIK”.


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